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Noble Amhara
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Amhara Region cannot be Dissolved.

Post by Noble Amhara » 10 Jan 2022, 04:05

The Coward Fascist Enemies of Amhara can only destroy buildings mosques and churches but cannot destroy the Nation of Amhara. Amhara is a Nation it has Amhara Muslim Fano and Agew Fano. Amhara is a region of harmony. The outsiders of course are jealous and try to disturb the harmony. TPLF has united Amhara muslim and christian and Amhara with Afar as well it failed to divide the benevolent Amhara regional agaw people who are our people

The Fascist enemies of Amhara and Afar aka Tigray People lied saying Amhara nd Afar were defeated but how can a defeat people still stand? Defeat is not winning a few battles and towns defeating is eliminating 100% of Amhara Fighters and Afar Fighters. Don’t forget their are hundreds and thousands of Amharas in ENDF that participated in the large liberation of Amhara too.

Now say it again @tigrayoeople ante leba

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