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Maskal 1969, Asmara

Post by Mesob » 10 Jan 2022, 01:51

Celebration of Maskal 27 Sep 1969, Asmara
Here is the celebration of Maskal or Meskel 1969 in Asmara with bonfire or Damera and the Hoya Hoye.
The celebration ground was Asmara's Golf Course near the American Military base.
On the background are the American spying radar communication systems at Stone House where the world and
the Soviet's first satellite the Sputnik and its signal was detected to the outside world.
The US of America had 18 "sovereign" military compounds or bases throughout Eritrea.
At that time, Asmara had four marching bands - Asmara Municipality - Orchestra Municipio, Eritrean Police Orchestra, Ethiopian Navy (mostly based Asmara and Massawa) and Italian Community Orchestra (smallest of all)

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