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Re: The beginning of the end for the coward PM -Alliance with Amhara-

Post by eritrea » 10 Jan 2022, 18:34

Dear Cartmann, I read your concern with great understanding. Some do not even understand what is at hand is not the release of criminal old men, but fear that this could be an initiation of more devastating break of deal of engagement or call it betrayal or what so ever.

Whatever happens, it's important to understand that American and British intentions are always the same. They choose a soft spot for effective results and hammer it until it gives up. Once that is achieved what they do is they isolate their prey by what ever means. This gives them absolute control over their prey, while NGO saboteurs get free access to society to create religious and ethnic friction and institutionalize aid as the most important tools for development and prosperity.

So the wisdom is now, not to give or try not to give Britton and America to get their way. Consciously or unconsciously, it is clear that Mr. Abi has really tangled himself in something which is very difficult to understand. He gave the impression that he stood for a strong and independent Ethiopia that stand for pride and dignity for the entire Africa and many including myself believed him really.

Never the less, at this moment avoiding emotionally charged statements is better not to create farther confussion and counter productive political maneuvering out of frustration or feeling alone. He should know. He is never alone as long as he make a decision that puts the interest of the entre horn of africa as his and is straight and honest.

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