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#HealEthiopiaTogether: Ethiopia’s Guzo to a Promised Redemption

Post by teodroseIII » 25 Nov 2021, 12:34

I wrote this poem exactly seven years ago, it was either written 7 years too early or God placed it in my heart to write about the tribulation that was coming for us. Only God knows the truth about that, I am sharing this testimony behind this poem that I wrote two months before I became homeless for two years. But my guzo (journey) did not end with tribulation, I found purpose and joy through my hardship.

As life turned around for me, I pray it happens for Ethiopia and all of humanity. For all the non-Ethiopians who are regular readers of the Ghion Journal, I am focusing on my birthland for the moment because a genocide the size and scale of Rwanda is potentially weeks away as malicious serpents who pretend to be public servants are leading Ethiopians to a slaughterhouse. We are reaching an inflection point of sorts, now is the time we put aside our differences and unite as human beings or else we will reach our final solution....continued...

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