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The Incompetent Ethiopian Government Is Responsible For All Of This Mess

Post by Roman » 24 Nov 2021, 22:58

1. They told us that the fake humanitarians are transporting weapons yet USAID/WFP are being allowed to operate inside Ethiopia with full permission of the government.
2. They're telling us westerners are spreading fake news about Ethiopia yet they allow these propagandist inside Ethiopia.
3. They tell us that the Americans and Europeans are in beds with the TPLFs and yet they hadn't shut down their embassies.

We are growing sick and tired of these incompetent fools led by Abiy Ahmed. I have never seen someone who turned into a win into an absolute disaster as Ethiopian armed forces delivered the win for Abiy Ahmed on November but he screwed up. The moron in this case Abiy Ahmed thought Americans/Europeans would show him mercy if he withdraw from Tigray only to find out they gave him the middle finger and brought sanctions and removed Ethiopia from the AGOA.

People in Amhara, Afar and Oromia are getting sick and tired of this incompetent government. The good news is patriotic Ethiopians are exposing the sabotage and incompetency of this government.

Ethiopia deserves better leader than Abiy Ahmed. - This man is just incompetent.

Here's what should have been done:

1. Our forces should have never withdrawn
2. American/Irish/British/Germans should have been expelled from Ethiopia
3. USAID/WFP should have been kicked out
4. All foreign journalists should have been expelled
5. All the bandas should have been hanged
6. Anyone supporting TPLF should have been executed
7. Families who provide food and fighters to TPLF should have been executed as well

I have said many times the only way to win this war is to show no mercy. - Once this war ends Abiy Ahmed needs to be removed by the parliament.

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