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As I predicted 1 year Ago NAMA fall from grace!

Post by Noble Amhara » 14 Oct 2021, 03:42

Go to NAMA page comments! I remember criticizing NAMA and Amharas getting very angry at me as if I was denying amaranet! Today my voice and thoughts are all over NAMA Facebook page comments written by my fellow amaras who are 1 year behind in politics they should also realize Eskinder Nega also betrayed amara people!!!!!

I am very saddened by how many hodams Amara people have to get through that constantly lie and use oppressed Amara people for their own gains!!!! Amhara can only trust Fano!! Fano must become a political party!! Non Fano Amara are dikalas that don’t seek to save Amara people!!

As I said for a long time all Amharas should leave Ye Satan welega! And Ye Satan arsi. Living with such evil and blood drinking people is accepting a early death. Thus all Amhara should not live with Welega Oromo and as well Arsi Balr Hararghe.

Amharas must unite geographically as a nation. Amharas must raise arms buy weapons and smuggle weapons from other countries to Amhara. Begin recruting Amhara into ENDF and begin collecting weapons from international nations. Amhara can only be free by united gunpowder!

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