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Strategy against TPLF: Constriction

Post by Roman » 14 Oct 2021, 02:06

1. Take the high tops looking down on the enemy - Use the landscape to your advantage and stop relying on A2 highway.
2. An enemy which is hungry is too weak to fight - ( Ethiopian airforce should burn all agame crops ) and all food from aid should be stopped.
3. The enemy in this case Woyane doesn't have time on its side - each family has been tasked with providing one child but this can't continue on forever. Sooner or later parents will start asking where are their kids and Woyane will be asking the parents to send more kids..... :lol: :lol: :lol:

My strategy is simple: Like a hungry python we constrict Tigray and take its breath away.

Troop size - 450,000
Weapons that will be used: artillery, drones and close air support.
Fronts: 4-6 fronts

How should the mission be taken?

1. Wipe out as many TPLFs out and then Ethiopian forces should pullout from cities and towns. - The remaining TPLF roaches will come out and once this happens Ethiopian forces should go in again and then after that they should pull out.

2. Never let TPLF retreat - Finish them with drones or artillery.

3 Opening 5 fronts
Front 1: Shiraro, Dedebit and Axum
Front 2: Waja, Malchew and Mohoni
Front 3: Abala, Wukro and Mekelle
Front 4: Adwa, Adigrat, Edaga Hamus - Ethiopian forces come from the Eritrean side of the border
Front 5: Abiy Addi, Hagere Selam, Mekelle

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