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Teodros Adhanom at WHO humiliating Russia, China and India

Post by Mesob » 13 Oct 2021, 14:37

Recently, Teodros Adhanom, the director of WHO, has come out into the open to defend the Tigray people from his seat in Geneva. Teodros is avenging the defeats the Tigrayan people faced in the UN Security council in the hands of China, Russia and India.
Last month, he said, the Covid 19 virus may have been spread from the Chinese Wuhan facility and he urged China to explain and be transparent to international experts.
This month, he and WHO refused to recognize any Covid-19 vaccine manufactured in Russia, China and India. He, indirectly thru his office, advised the EU not to allow travelers into the EU and USA territories of those vaccinated with these "ineffective" vaccine.
The officially WHO and EU-endorsed vaccines also include those made by Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson. They don’t include the AstraZeneca shot made in India or many other vaccines used in developing countries, including those manufactured in China and Russia.

Individual EU countries are free to apply their own rules for travelers from inside and outside the bloc, and their rules vary widely, creating further confusion for tourists. Several EU countries, including Belgium, Germany and Switzerland, allow people to enter if they have had non-EU-endorsed vaccines; several others, including France and Italy, don’t.

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