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"The order to arrest him was from above & we can’t comply with the judge’s order to release the prisoner on bail."

Post by sarcasm » 13 Oct 2021, 10:07

How Ethiopia killed my uncle! - By Fthawi Hurui

My uncle was a lieutenant colonel with the Ethiopian Air Force who served as pilot under the Derg regime and during the EPRDF era. All he did his entire life was serve passionately the country that eventually killed him. He’s lived most of his life (43 years) in the town where he died (outside of Tigray).

Here is the story I want to tell about him:

With no ground for his arrest whatsoever, except his Tigrayan roots of course, they arrested him for 3 weeks. The charges were bogus with no merits. After 3 weeks of his arrest, the judge decided that he should be released on bail. However, once the process to bail him out was finalized, commanders of the police station told the family that the order to arrest him was from above and they can’t comply to the judge’s order to release him on bail. So much for rule of law!

However, the next day he got sick really bad then the commanders decided to release him in a fear that he might die there in their hands. They did & he’s taken to hospital. It was covid he contracted in jail. Four days after he was released from jail, my beloved uncle succumbed to covid. I would NEVER see my uncle again. Another weapon of war fascist Abiy Ahmed is utilizing to exterminate our people. It has been years since he retired. Hopeful his killers would be brought to justice one day.

May you rest in heaven, uncle! Love you.
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