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Tsunami Clarion Alert: Time to Protect Our Homeland and Unite to Defend Our Common Humanity

Post by teodroseIII » 12 Oct 2021, 10:41

A couple of weeks before the supposed US Capitol insurrection on January 6th, 2021 took place, I wrote my first dispatch to the men and women of the United States titled “ThreatCon Delta: Urgent Memorandum to Buffalo Soldiers“. The article was paying homage to “black” soldiers, leathernecks, seamen and airmen as I harkened back to the Buffalo Soldiers who served America shortly after the “Civil War” ended even as their country was doing a disservice to them.

The aim of the article was not to rip open the wounds of the past and to pit “black” people against “white” people the way Barack Obama, Donald Trump, DC politicians and mainstream media personalities do, I wanted to acknowledge “America’s original sin” while reminding everyone that the only way to heal is not through hate and vengeance but through unity and love. Political and social movements that are rooted in grievance-peddling are not meant to lift us up but to disempower us by making us forget about our true sources of power—empathy and love.

A couple of months after publishing the first dispatch, I followed it up with a second article to the men and women of the United States military titled “Dispatch to the US Military: God, Honor, Country, Remember Who to Obey First” in which I warned of a day where service members will be given orders in the near future they know in their hearts to be illegal, immoral and unconstitutional. I thought back then that the orders would be centered on “vaccine” mandates, I had no idea that the US government—at the behest of their owners in England and in cahoots with global governments—was working on unleashing a killer tsunami by creating a massive landslide at the Canary Islands. Keep your eyes fixed at the La Palma volcano, it’s literally humanity’s canary in a coal mine...continued...

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