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Gondar is unstable and transformed from the center of TPLF resistance to the center of lawlessness !

Post by Axumezana » 12 Oct 2021, 05:57

Gondar was the most jubilant city when Tigray was conquered by the combined forces of Abiy, Isaias, Amhara militia and Special Forces and others. However, slowly Gondar has become a center of instability in the Amhara state where people are being hijacked on regular basis for ransom and body parts smuggling center via Sudan. Abiy and the Amhara PP have created this by empowering lawless shiftas and Fanos. The Gondar people are finally yearning for the peaceful and stable days of the TPLF/ EPRDF. Abiy will also transform Addis Ababa to center of instability as he has empowered mafia Isaias agents to manipulate the city and control the foreign currency black market and other illegal activities

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