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Noble Amhara
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Kkkkk Tigrayans

Post by Noble Amhara » 15 Sep 2021, 03:55

agame lady dont compare to this elegant lady of Gojam!

The women of gojam are not naturally bald rather the wome shave themselves bald likely during a funeral! but agames dont know anything but racism


we also see them copying Fukera and Shilela lately..

Amhara culture is beautiful these Shanes and Weyanes are jealous to their guts about amhara this is why they will love fukera only if it is in their language because they are like white supremacists nazis of africa. they are driven only by hatred for amhara people not elites.

Tigrays and Oromo Nazi Extremists will say anything to make themselves feel better then amhara :mrgreen:

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