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I Rise in Defense of Masculinity

Post by teodroseIII » 15 Sep 2021, 00:46

For over 16 years, dating back to when I first started writing on a now-defunct blog I started in 2005, I have been praising the virtues of womanhood while subconsciously marginalizing the roles men have in society. I did not mean to be malicious or divisive in doing so, my father worked all the time so I grew up without a male role model and my mother came of age in a culture that has a tendency to disparage women and devaluing their contributions.

My mother was my best friend growing up; we were inseparable as we traveled around Addis Abeba in my formative years only to do the same when we arrived in America as refugees. Where she went, I went as she took me with her to the church, grocery stores, shopping malls and various Ethiopian community events. As much as I learned from my mother, the main attributes I picked up from her were empathy, compassion for others and learning to listen to people during their times of need....continued...

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Re: I Rise in Defense of Masculinity

Post by Misraq » 15 Sep 2021, 03:12

Great article, your highness

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