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Halafi, ታይ አያ ትኮን አንኦዋ ትግራይና፣

Post by sebdoyeley » 14 Sep 2021, 14:39

-As the war drugged longer the survival of our agame clan is at a stack.
-our surprise attack on Amhara doesn't look fruitful.
-Oneg Shenee is dashed our hope.
Abey Ahmed changed the war from traditional to scientific through the import of sophisticated drones.
-Our Tigray people are living in a stone-age lifestyle, no electricity, no phone, no payment, no transport.
-the loss of life young generation in a battle is overwhelming.
_ where is heading Tigrayna brother Halafi. what is the end game.
leading a war without a clear objective or visual target is going leave us nowhere but a laughing stack in front of our enemy Shaewia.
"አይበልናን ዶ፣አይበልናንዶ የ።"

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