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Re: ጋዜጠኛው እና ወታደሮቹ በህውሃት ተገደሉ ! ጄኔራል ሀሰን ከረሙ ጦሩ ተመታ የአብይ ኮማንዶ ሸሸ | ከሀብሩ አረዳ ባሬ ከጃሮታ መርሳ

Post by TGAA » 14 Sep 2021, 01:55

Weyanes are committing suicide to prove a made-up Tigaru heroism . A cause makes one a hero- there is nothing inherent about heroism. Weyanes are dying in thousand and the end is now in sight . you are going to lose this war hands down. In meantime, weyanes are sending teenagers to their death in thousand. Halfi mengedy comes here to prove weyanes have a future. NO you don't have a future. The Tigrian mothers will hold you accountable for the death of their kids. The day of your reckoning is near.

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Re: ጋዜጠኛው እና ወታደሮቹ በህውሃት ተገደሉ ! ጄኔራል ሀሰን ከረሙ ጦሩ ተመታ የአብይ ኮማንዶ ሸሸ | ከሀብሩ አረዳ ባሬ ከጃሮታ መርሳ

Post by sarcasm » 14 Sep 2021, 19:26

It sad that this war is costing at levels never seen before. Has PM Abiy done cost benefit analysis at the beginning of the war? How about after 1 month? 6 months, 9 months? How many people have to die for him to conclude that the costs outweigh the the benefits? What are the benefits achieved after November, anyway?

The journalism lecture at Dilla university, Getachew Misganaw Alemu, has a 4 month old child. I don't know why he decided to go to a war front so soon after the birth of his child. But the fact is that 100s of thousands children will be fatherless because of this war. Abiy Ahmed has refused for a negotiated solution for almost 11 months. Did he include these 100s of thousands children in his cost benefit analysis?

It is mind boggling that people who live in the west are insisting the war should continue while protecting their children in the west! They are happy if another 100 thousand children become fatherless as long as the war continues.

ዜና እረፍት
የዲላ ዩኒቨርሲቲ የጋዜጠኝነትና ኮሙዩኒኬሽን ትምህርት ክፍል መምህር የሆኑት መ/ር ጌታቸው ምስጋናው ለጀግናው መከላከያ ሰራዊት ሞራል ለመሆን እና ሀገራዊ ግዴታቸውን ለመወጣት ግንባር በተሰማሩበት ሕይወታቸው በማለፉ ዩኒቨርሲቲው የተሰማውን ጥልቅ ሀዘን ለመግለጽ ይወዳል።
የባልደረባችንን ነፍስ አምላክ በሰላም ያሳርፍ እያልን ለቤተሰቦቻቸው፣ ለወዳጅ ዘመዶቻቸው እና ለመላው የዩኒቨርሲቲው ማህበረሰብ መጽናናትን እንመኛለን።
ለሀገር ክብር መሞት ታላቅ ጀግንነት ነው!
ለወገናዊ አጋርነትና ለሀገራዊ አለኝታነትዎ÷
*"የመ/ር ጌታቸው ምስጋናው ወዳጆች" የሚል የቴሌግራም ግሩፕ አባል ይሁኑ÷
*ለድጋፍ የተከፈተ ሂሳብ ቁጥር; የኢትዮጵያ ንግድ ባንክ 1000430506947.

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Re: ጋዜጠኛው እና ወታደሮቹ በህውሃት ተገደሉ ! ጄኔራል ሀሰን ከረሙ ጦሩ ተመታ የአብይ ኮማንዶ ሸሸ | ከሀብሩ አረዳ ባሬ ከጃሮታ መርሳ

Post by sun » 14 Sep 2021, 19:56

Halafi Mengedi wrote:
14 Sep 2021, 01:32

Just lay down your guns, kneel down and ask amnesty instead of empty bragging day and night and increasingly facing self imposed willful extinction since you can never win motivated and united 110 million Ethiopians who are out to defend their country and their government by all means possible. Learn from the bygone Italian and other arrogant enemy invaders. 8)

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