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Re: The Goverment of Tigray is committed to negotiated ceasefire & calls on Int'l Comm to pressure PM Abiy to end the se

Post by Digital Weyane » 14 Sep 2021, 13:33

ጦቅላይ ሙኒስቴር አብይ ላብ ደብሪጭ ስልኪ ደዊሉ <<አታዮ አው ጠረቤዛ ኾፍ ኢልና ኡስቲ ነዋግዕ>> ቢሉ ብዝጠየቖ ፣ ዎዮ አይተ ደብሪጭ ድማ ለቶም ፈረንጂ ጎይተቱ ተአማሚኑ <<ምሳኻ ሎሚ አየውግዕ ፅባሕ አየውግዕ! እንታኖኻማ ከይትገብር>> ኢሉ ስልኪ ገም አቢሉ አው እዝኑ ዓጭዩዋ።

ደብሪጭ ሕዚ መሬት ሀም ዓይኒ መርፍእ ብዝፀበበቶ <<አቢይዋ ነዋግዕ>> ግዛዕ ምዛዕ እይሉ ክልምን እንትሪኦ ልዓቐብ ኡዩ ዘብለካ። ዋይ ዋይ ዋይ ዋይ :cry: :cry: :cry:

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Re: The Goverment of Tigray is committed to negotiated ceasefire & calls on Int'l Comm to pressure PM Abiy to end the se

Post by sarcasm » 15 Sep 2021, 06:43

sarcasm wrote:
13 Sep 2021, 20:20
Sam Ebalalehu wrote:
13 Sep 2021, 19:24
Eden, Abiy has no one to negotiate with. Moreover, there are no negotiation points.
No political party kills the country’s soldiers, declare the existing legitimate government illegitimate, feeds thousands of young kids to bullets, and when it feels the hit declares it is time to negotiate after all. Ethiopians by great margin want TPLF to die. Abiy knows that. He cannot and will not sabotage their wishes.
Ethiopia to be peaceful TPLF should die.
The hard fact is, just because some people dreamed to see TPLF die, it is not going to die. Isaias, Abiy, United Arab Emirates and Amhara Regional state all jointly tried kill TPLF and they failed miserably! The dream will just stay a wish, without any chance of becoming a reality if you have no idea of how to make it happen. So the question is 'Who is going to bell the cat?'

The reason why I am saying it is not going to happen is because every local, regional and international conflict expert has been saying for some months that the conflict has reached a dangerous deadly stalemate. A stalemate is a situation in which further action or progress by opposing or competing parties seems impossible. So continuing the war would be stupid. Abiy said at the beginning it was a 3 days job, then he said he wanted 2-3 weeks extension, and so far he has had over a dozen three-week extensions!

I am sure he has realized that he has hit the wall. Isaias and the Amhara forces are blackmailing him to continue the war by refusing the vacate Western Tigray. I think once he realized his ዙፋን on 24th September, he will begin to lay-off some of his "trusted" friends as he no longer needs their services to remain king.
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Re: The Goverment of Tigray is committed to negotiated ceasefire & calls on Int'l Comm to pressure PM Abiy to end the se

Post by Dawi » 15 Sep 2021, 18:19

Educator wrote:
14 Sep 2021, 13:15
I was trying to say that to eliminate TPLF, one must understand what TPLF is. Before the start of the war, TPLF was as small as seven people. They were:
1- Sibhat Nega
2- Meles Zenawi
3- Bereket Simon
4- Siyum Mesfin
5- Abay Tsehaye
6- Arkebe Ekubay
7- Siye Abreha

These seven individuals were responsible for keeping woyane alive for the last 40 years becasue they control the pocket, are the brains, and are so brutal in getting their way. And most of all they had the same goal, Tigray remains the ruling class.

Of these 7 individuals, only five of them were needed to be neutralized. Meles dead, Arkebe went underground.

The rest of Woyane members had no influence on or significance to Tigray people and the TPLF ideology was dead as far as Tigrians were concerned.

Even if we accept what you wrote here as the whole truce, take your "7 gangs" explanation of who the culprits of the present Ethiopia's War phenomena as fact, it is hard to swallow the over simplification of it all.

In the first place, you're leaving out the million or so Tigrians who are employed in TPLF/EFFORT and other criminal enterprises. If you multiply those people with 3 members of each family that benefited, we're talking about 3 million people.

That created the silent majority in Tigray.

I give you some credit for revealing and being the first man who wrote about the "7 gangs" owning TPLF out right ever in this forum however, other things has been said related to that but, not in such precise manner. My conclusion is, the type of benefits the "gangs" provided over the years made Tigrians the most complacent, not only that, now, it has turned them suicidal.

So, even if what you are saying is true and the "7 gangs" of TPLF are the head honchos, the problem today and in the past are the complacent majority & other surrogates of TPLF who were the beneficiaries.

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