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ኩናት ኢትዮ/ትግራይን ሳዕንቤኑ ንኤርትራን

Post by sarcasm » 12 Sep 2021, 18:58

Tog Wajale E.R.
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Re: ኩናት ኢትዮ/ትግራይን ሳዕንቤኑ ንኤርትራን

Post by Tog Wajale E.R. » 13 Sep 2021, 06:23

Bissbiss Shettattam Agga*me Thieves, This War Is Between Ethiopian And Few Terrorist Juntas That Is It. Rest Assured It Will Be Completed In Few Weeks. To Top It Off, There Is No Absolutely Consequences To Mighty Shaebia Eritrean People. Go Figure Qomal Agga*me. Mighty Eritrean Knows How To Do Their Homework With No White Masters Helps.

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Re: ኩናት ኢትዮ/ትግራይን ሳዕንቤኑ ንኤርትራን

Post by Sabur » 13 Sep 2021, 13:02


Keep scavenging on every Terrorist TPLF sponsored videos while the Barbaric Terrorist TPLF is turning Tigray into Stone Age.

There is Nothing to eat in Tigray because of Barbaric Terrorist TPLF.

A stark reality of the consequences of the Barbaric Terrorist TPLF jingoism.

You want to talk about the consequences of the War that the Savage Junta started....

A picture of a small Part of Mekelle Hospital. Now Go figure the whole Mekelle Hospital.

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