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Desperately seeking Alex.

Post by Zmeselo » 12 Sep 2021, 17:21

Prem clubs still monitoring Arsenal target despite contract renewal

12 September 2021

James Holland ... ct-renewal

Multiple Premier League sides, including Arsenal, are continuing to monitor Real Sociedad’s Alexander Isak, according to a report.

The Sweden international bagged an impressive 17 goals in 34 La Liga matches during 2020-21. He also looked impressive while representing his country at this summer’s European Championship.

The 21-year-old managed two assists before Sweden were knocked out by Ukraine in the round of 16.

Isak’s excellent development resulted in a bumper new contract with Sociedad. They handed him a pay rise and extended his deal until June 2026.

As Spanish clubs have to include a release clause in each player’s contract, Isak’s was set at €90m (£77m). Despite this, Spanish outlet Fichajes claims ... 10912.html that numerous English clubs are still interested in a deal.

They include Arsenal, who were firmly linked with a bid shortly after the end of the Euros.

Gunners boss Mikel Arteta and technical director Edu Gaspar are searching for new strikers. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang ... aubameyang is now 32 and Alexandre Lacazette is edging closer to the exit door.

Isak could be the perfect man to liven up their attack. It’s also thought that he would form a deadly connection with the likes of Bukayo Saka and Emile Smith Rowe.

Alexander Isak, in training

However, Arsenal will face plenty of competition for the starlet’s signature. The other Premier League remain unnamed, although Liverpool and Chelsea have been linked in the past.

After signing his improved contract, Isak told Sociedad’s official website:
I’m very happy to continue at la Real.

It is a great club, I feel loved here and hope to enjoy things with this team for many more years.
Isak started his career with AIK in his native Sweden. Borussia Dortmund came calling in January 2017 and snapped him up for just under £8m.

But after 13 games and one goal for Dortmund he was sold to Sociedad for £13.5m.



ጋንታ ኩዕሶ-እግሪ ተጋደልቲ ደቂ አንስትዮ ክ/ሰ 52። ተጋደልቲ ህዝባዊ ግንባር፡ ኣብ ርእስ'ቲ ምስ ጸላኢ ንጽንዓትን ጅግንነትን ምርግራግ፡ ኣብ ትርፊ ግዜ ናይ ስፖርት ንጥፈታት ብምክያድ ልዑል ኣበርክቶ ዝገበራ ዋዕሮታት ምዃነን ታሪኽ ምስክር'ዩ !!
ERITREA viva news: @qana_meror
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Re: Desperately seeking Alex.

Post by Zmeselo » 12 Sep 2021, 17:47

Henok Mulubrhan, conquering Italy! 💪💪💪


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Re: Desperately seeking Alex.

Post by Zmeselo » 12 Sep 2021, 18:13

With fire in their eyes, ready for work & till the land. 📷 @qana_meror

ኣብ መአዲ ሰላም ንምዕባለ፥ ኣብ መከተ ንህላወ፥ ጽቡቅ እናሓሰበ ከይተጠራጠረ፥ ንዝመረረ ንዝጸበበ ግዜ እናሰገረ ዝጸንዔ ኤርትራዊ ዜጋ፥ ቀዳማይ ተኻፋሊ ጸጋ ሃብቲ'ዛ ሃገር እዩ !!
Almaz: @Almaz85148481 📷 Credit: Arefaine Natnael


ወሓዚ ማይ መንጫዕጫዕታ፡ ዲጋ ምስላም፡፡

ትሕዝቶ ዲጋ ምስላም (ገርገራ)፡፡ ብሓደ ወገን ድልድል፡ በቲ ካልእ ድማ ምዕሩግ ኣከባቢ ኣብ 700 ሜትሮ ዝተደኰነ ታሪኽ ወለዶታት ህዝቢ ኤርትራ'ውን፡ እቲ ካልእ ገጽ ናይቲ ስራሕ እዩ፡፡

Ghideon Musa: @GhideonMusa

Positive results are being registered in fish farming pilot-projects, at 40 dams in the country. Potential to support livelihoods + poverty reduction, as well as promote food security and sustainable development.
FikreJesus, PhD: @FikreJesus


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Re: Desperately seeking Alex.

Post by Zmeselo » 13 Sep 2021, 07:13

Eritrea strives:
to build a people-oriented society in which every Eritrean can develop his/her capacity, free from oppression, fear, poverty and ignorance.

To this end, it is putting as many resources as possible into human development.


Eritrea intends to modernize, its Agri Regulatory Services. Among others: the plan is to introduce High Performance Liquid Chromatography, Real Time PCR, & transform from Biosafety-2 to level 3. Govt has already made Substantial investment, to strengthen its diagnostic laboratories.


Adal Poultry Enterprise Demonstrating Poultry’s Potential

By Habtom Tesfamichael ... potential/


Sep 13, 2021

Adal Poultry Enterprise was established more than 20 years ago, at the outskirts of the town of Keren.
Good things come to those who are prepared to work hard on their goal,
says Mr. Omer Yessuf, the acting manager of the firm.

We have conducted a brief interview with him, and the excerpts follow.

The enterprise was established in the year 2000 with a 600 thousand capital, which has now grown to more than five million Nakfa. Initially, poultry farming was perceived as an impracticable and difficult enterprise considering the losses farmers were experiencing. However, determined to grow and expand in this sector, Adal Poultry Enterprise has been exemplary in the commercial poultry farming sector.
Initially we started the business with around 2700 chicks bought from private hatching enterprises, at small poultry houses. Currently, we are operating with around 18 thousand chickens. The chicks were originally imported from countries such as Holland, Germany and Hungary. But with the advent of the bird flu, we are limiting our sources in line with the Ministry of Agriculture’s (MoA’s) plan to control diseases. As a result, the diseases have become known and easy to administer,
says Mr. Omer.

Animal feed for the chicks, comes from different sources. From 2001 to 2011, it was bought from plants such as Dibarwa Animal Feed Plant. But since 2011, the enterprise has been producing feed for its own use. The price of chicken and eggs is greatly influenced, by the price of feed at the market. When the enterprise started to produce on its own, it became possible to store feed for a longer period of time and therefore avoid the market price instability; which indirectly influences the price tag of their produce. They also buy milled fish from the Department of Marine resources and calcium, from Ghedem Gement Factory.

This has enhanced their ability to manage the content of feed, which is tested in a laboratory. Accordingly they feed the chicken 18 percent milled fish, 12 percent byproduct of sesame, one percent calcium and 70 percent sorghum. They utilize chopped straw from their farm, to bed the chicken. The chicken are always locked inside and they must check the floor, continuously. Mr Omer says
the floor has to be dry always and if it gets wet, it’s an indication that there is an issue.
Mr. Omer said that during the on-going COVID-19 crisis, the enterprise made big profits as the supply of chicken was very limited and the chicken they produced fetched more remunerative prices. Presently, the firm is earning around one million Nakfa, before tax. In the coming year, they have a plan to expand their ventures to include chicken production intended for meat. Mr. Omer says this will be very lucrative, because these chicken are ready for sale within 45 days.

Mr. Omer holds a firm opinion, that any work that began with enthusiasm and zeal bears the fruits of success. In the present scenario he calls on farmers not to depend only on one type of activity but to add various supplementary enterprises to the existing one, to raise the farm’s income and attain the government’s aim of achieving food security.
When we started as a small scale poultry farm for meat and egg production, we also included dairy farm. Currently, we have more than twenty cows,
he says.

Moreover in the context of the enterprise they are operating, Mr. Omer is of the opinion that sanitary practices are key to the success of poultry farming; as it minimizes the incidence of diseases. If you can keep the chicken disease free, you can make profit.
After starting the business and we experienced a lot, we have acquired more knowledge on how to keep chicken. We always learn from our mistakes. We have experienced diseases in the past and incurred enormous loses on our business. This was because, it takes time to identify the diseases and apply the necessary medication,
says Mr. Omer.

In order to avoid this they follow cautious procedures in the feeding system, poultry housing, ventilation and the chicken’s exposure. They also vaccinate the chicks, regularly. Though they have no particular vet that they work with, when there is an issue they are helped by experts. Under normal circumstances, all of the feeding and vaccinating is supervised by him. The chicks begin to be vaccinated, right from their early age.

Mr. Omer said that they have a plan to expand the capacity of their poultry farm to 50 thousand egg producing and ten thousand chicken, intended for meat production, step by step in different phases.

Mr. Omer Yessuf

When asked why in phases, he said they will invest their savings from the enterprise itself for expansion without financial assistance from other sources. He also said he wants the MoA to launch innovative programs, for small scale poultry farmers. He is happy that the government has now initiated programs to assist small scale poultry farmers and interested households, which he envisions will further help in the expansion of poultry farms in rural areas.

Mr. Omer offers his advice to interested start-ups, who engage in poultry farming. He says that the imported chicken are different from the indigenous chicken, which are more resilient. Those who want to invest in poultry, must first learn how to manage chicken and consult experts. This will help them avoid unnecessary and unexpected losses.

Mr. Omer concluded by saying that their enterprise is a proof that if one is determined, success is inevitable even under the most adverse conditions. He has high expectation from the government to provide subsidy on the purchase of chicks and feeds, for small scale poultry farmers. Besides, he hopes to see a hatchery established for the production of good breed of chicks suited to the different climate conditions in the country.

Adal Poultry Enterprise, which has given job opportunities to around 50 workers, has outlets in Keren and Asmara where eggs are sold at fair prices.


🇪🇷: 2164 youth (61% female), completed vocational training program in Central Region. Our youth are our future + vital to the success in SDGs.


Büyükelçi Ahmet Demirok, Eritre Çevre, Toprak ve Su Bakanı Sayın Tesfay Ghebreselassie'e nezaket ziyaretinde bulundu. [Ambassador Ahmet Demirok paid a courtesy visit to H.E. Tesfay Ghebreselassie, Minister of Environment, Land and Water of the State of Eritrea.]
Turkish Embassy in Asmara: @TurkeyinEritrea


Garden at Ministry of Information - Asmara 📷 Ghideon Musa: @GhideonMusa

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Re: Desperately seeking Alex.

Post by Zmeselo » 13 Sep 2021, 17:38

The following posts are all
courtesy of: Yared Tesfay: @ytmn2

This week in Eritrea is known as: Pagumen. Unlike the Western one, in the geez calendar, we have 12 months of 30 days each. So at the end of the year, the remaining days are traditionally gathered up in the week of- Pagumen- right before the holyday of St John.

Even though time went by, surprisingly enough even in the cities, our tradition it’s still holding its ground. And for my people, regardless of how technology has influenced our lives, it’s amazing how our customs still remain to be the most essential things.

Celebrating the Geez New Year traces its origins, to the early settlers in the area. Reasons for celebrating this new beginning in September, is said to have biblical implications. It is believed, that the new season after the great floods begun with the month of September.

The Geez New Year is generally considered as a fresh beginning and remains to this date, one of the most important of the Eritrean traditional holidays.

When it comes to the Geez New Year, people especially foreigners, get confused about the notion of celebrating New Year in September. Officially, Eritrea follows the Gregorian Calendar (GC). The elders usually stick to the Julian calendar, for traditional and religious holidays.


Discover Eritrea: Exploring the history of religious harmony and its tenets, takes us to appreciate the advent of Christianity and Islam in Eritrea. The country’s location on the Red Sea, provided a gateway to both religions in the Horn of Africa. Their peaceful coexistence over millennia helped shape the present values of tolerance, human respect and dignity and religious harmony. The ideals of the Eritrean society on tolerance and mutual coexistence exemplify the very notion of the rights of a fellow being as an individual and his/her place in the society, a vital attribute of the different codices of customary laws in the country.

The preservation of paleo-Christian churches at Adulis, the Sahaba Mosque in Massawa (perhaps the earliest Islamic sacred edifice in Africa) and several historical mosques throughout the country are well preserved early monastic traditions in the Highlands of Eritrea.

Archaeological records of the height of Islamic civilizations in the Dahlak Islands on the African Red Coast, provide a massive repertoire of the early forms of these civilizations.

In a similar vein, preserving traditions, where religious festivities accommodate pilgrims, no matter their faith, cannot be overlooked when humanity is tested in its history by acts of global terror and fundamentalism.

The nation-building process that begun after Independence is a stride to build a proper representation of history, that has been marginalised for so long.

I would like to say by touching upon the ethos of the armed struggle, one sees everywhere monumental remains of it, that bear testimony to the sacrifices paid to ensure human dignity.

The struggle was a sheer response to narratives of hegemony built on myths and historical fallacies in the Horn, which denied the region’s peoples their plea for a peaceful existence. Adulis, is located 56 kms to the south of Massawa. The local inhabitants of the area call it Azuli; which literally means “white coloured” [to refer to the white sands.]

Primo Giovanni, tells me countless wonders. How the sites are fully discovered and waiting the right time for exploration and reveal them to the outside world and to play their share, in developing tourism industry of the country.

In the heart of the island there exists an ancient Mosque, presumably built by Egyptians during their rule over the Red Sea coast. Every year, thousands of pilgrims used to come from all over the region to the Mosque and pray together.
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Re: Desperately seeking Alex.

Post by Zmeselo » 13 Sep 2021, 17:49

The Ethiopian Embassy, in collaboration with Addis Vibe Ltd, hosted a 2-day Ethiopian Cultural Festival this weekend to celebrate the Ethiopian New Year.

The Festival was joined by African countries including: Eritrea, Kenya, Nigeria, Benin and Senegal to welcome the new year 2014 E.C and show Solidarity, with the People & Government of Ethiopia.

Ambassador Teferi Melesse, wished a peaceful and prosperous new year and called upon the African diaspora to unite and engage in economic development endeavours in their respective countries.

As part our Cultural Diplomacy, Eritrea took part at the Ethiopian Festival held on the grounds of the Embassy in London.

Dr.Felicia Munjaiadi, Embassy of Zimbabwe, argues that today, more than even before, culture has a vital role to play in African relations. She says, African Cultural Diplomacy is the means by which we come to understand Africa to Africans.

Was nice to see Wondi, from the Ethiopian Satellite Television, catching up on the East Africa Media activity & how our journalists could cover the environment more effectively. #EritreaPrevails #EthiopiaPrevails


Artist Joss Stone @Durfo (on the road to Massawa) watching the mild breeze and the fog covering the landscape that makes one feel as though on top of the world.

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Re: Desperately seeking Alex.

Post by Zmeselo » 13 Sep 2021, 19:20

EriXpress: Eritrea and Gender Equality in Education


BOLOGNA, ERITREA, AFRICA: The cultural roots of a new collaboration. SATURDAY 18 SEPTEMBER, 10: 00-12: 00

The initiative is promoted by the Eritrean Media Community in Italy and by the Achille Ardigo Association.


Anna Cornetti, President of the Eritrean Community's Media Committee.
Marilena Dolce, Journalist
Yemane Habtemariam, President of the Eritrean Community of Bologna
Matteo Lepore, Candidate for Mayor from the center- left of Bologna
Stefano Monservisi, Director-General of the European Commission's Directorate General for International Cooperation and Development
Claudio Mazzanti, Assessor of the Commune of Bologna
Mauro Moruzzi, Author & President of the Achille Ardigo Association
Manlio Nicoletti, Director at the Eye Department in Hospital Maggiore, Ausi Bologna
Alessandro Pellegatta, Author
Francesca Puglisi, Ministry of Education. University & Research, MIUR
Pietro Zambaiti, Italian- Eritrean Entrepreneur
Beyene Zerazion, Vice President of the Eritrean Community of Italy

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