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Why Isaias wanted a Unitary Ethiopia but independent Eritrea?

Post by Axumezana » 21 Jul 2021, 23:53

Isaias has made it clear that if you have to govern Ethiopia you have to divide it and he does not care about the unity of Ethiopia. Therefore, he claims the Federal Structure that was introduced by TPLF and OLF was to divide Ethiopia to make sure TPLF rules Ethiopia for long time. Hence, Isaias is after the unitary structure just to make sure that TPLF will be irrelevant and losses its foothold on the future of Ethiopia. That is why Isaias supports the Gondare elites on their effort to establish the archaic unitary Ethiopia dominated by Amhara rulers. However, the unitary structure is against the aspirations of nations and nationalists and it will never be implemented. On The contrary most of the nations and nationalists prefer to have more self governance empowerment to the extent of establishing sovereign states but with strong economic, trade, common currency, infrastructure and social and cultural unity by upgrading the existing Federal structure to Union.

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