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Decentralized Campaign for Freedom: Going Low-Tech to Defeat Biden’s Fascism and Social Media’s High-Tech Censorship

Post by teodroseIII » 21 Jul 2021, 13:13

What I’m attempting to emulate is a grass-roots effort that Barack Obama used with such ruthless efficiency against Hillary Clinton in 2008. I was intimately connected to the Obama campaign in 2008; though some people mistakenly think that I was his shadow writer because I penned a speech idea that was incorporated in his South Carolina primary speech, the most profound aspect of his operation for me was the way he decentralized communications in order to empower volunteers. This level of inclusion turned interested observers into hyper-motivated volunteers like me. Though I’ve long disavowed Obama, I’m grateful that I was a part of his campaign because it taught me the value of fostering organic and ground-up movements. That is exactly what I am attempting to accomplish with this article.

Consolidated power has a weakness and that is decentralization. Throughout history, military superpowers have succumbed to lesser militias because Goliath armies can be defeated by smaller forces that know how to use speed, agility and localized warfare. This phenomenon was observed during the American Revolution, the Haitian Insurrection and the Battle of Adwa in Ethiopia. The political class in DC and the oligarchs who rule this world with bloodied iron fists know this to be true, which is why they allowed protesters into the US Capitol on January 6th only to turn around and declare war on anyone who criticizes the US government...continued...

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