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አዲስ አበባ ናፈቀኝ ቄሮ ተሸክሞ ያስገባኝ

Post by @@ » 21 Jul 2021, 10:35

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Re: አዲስ አበባ ናፈቀኝ ቄሮ ተሸክሞ ያስገባኝ

Post by Abere » 21 Jul 2021, 11:08

ኅዝቅኤል ጋቢሳ has to be slapped on the face. He asked Oromo forces to easily surrender, be docile and be captive by the Tigre child soldiers- the way he went to disgrace Oromos is very very disgusting. As if the Tigres are mocking Bacha Debele and Berhanu Jula now they were their former captives,ኅዝቅኤል ጋቢሳ wanted more Oromos to experience this in the rest of their lives once TPLF get carried over to Addis Ababa on their backs. First of all, Tigre Woyanes are fighting tooth and nail just cross Amhara territories and feast over Oromo lands, properties and resources. We saw that in the past. Tigre Woyane wanted central Ethiopian resources and they want to trick Oromos and some fools to get them back where they were few years back. ኅዝቅኤል ጋቢሳ only cares about the bribe he is getting fro mTigre Woaynes but does care less about Oromo being mocked as coward and TPLF come back and eat Oromos bread.

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