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Abiy closed the door on himself by designating TPLF "Terrorist Organization"

Post by Axumezana » 21 Jul 2021, 06:24

When Abiy initiated the designation of TPLF as "Terrorist Organization," using the rubber stamp and expired Parliament , his aim was to escape from the USA pressure to negotiate with TPLF. On the contrary Abiy has now found himself in a closed suffocated cell with out way out. But he could still to take the issue to the Parliament and gate a waiver to temporarily suspend the Terrorist designation from TPLF for six months so that he could be able to negotiate. I wish him good luck!

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Re: Abiy closed the door on himself by designating TPLF "Terrorist Organization"

Post by euroland » 21 Jul 2021, 06:36

Mr. Delusional

If an organization is Bend on destroying the fabric of the country, rapping, killing, looting of citizens, has disregarded its own constitutions, then the government has no choice but to designate it as a terrorist.

Now, tell us what your Weyane hasn’t done that the terrorist ISIS has done that is designed as terrorist by your masters? Perhaps, Weyane has done more to terrorize the Ethiopian population than what ISIS had done in Iraq/Syria combined. Like I said before, no one negotiates with terrorist. Do you think the US would negotiate with ISIS? Mind you ISIS never even attacked the US; but the US and your other Western masters went after it and destroyed it because it was the right thing to do.

Axumezana wrote:
21 Jul 2021, 06:24

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