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Halafi Mengedi
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To the Oromo nationalists, this is the time to put aside your differences and work all of you for the Oromia nation now

Post by Halafi Mengedi » 21 Jul 2021, 00:54

Do not look back about Amhara agenda, you saw who the Amhara are for the last one year as we preached you Amhara is savage evil creator, no one wants to live with them nor do any kind business in the future, get out now. They are many things you can learn from Tigray and unite for the common goal and be free once for all from the Amhara cancer blood after blood who drugged all ethnics for many years. You worked hard for the last 30 years, the Amhara cancer came to power and destroyed everything the federal owned. Stop talking about the fraud empire future instead focus about your fate now.

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Re: To the Oromo nationalists, this is the time to put aside your differences and work all of you for the Oromia nation

Post by tolcha » 21 Jul 2021, 02:41

Didn’t I tell you that Gallas would never ever succeed in their struggle. That is their inherent characteristics both as an individual and as a group!!!

Look at what the Shoa Gim Nefxegnas are doing in North shoa bordering with so called Oromia region and on the East bordering with Argobba, the Nefxegnas are extending their territory, while the Gallas special forces are being deployed and Phacked up beyond all repair in Afar/Tigray .

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Re: To the Oromo nationalists, this is the time to put aside your differences and work all of you for the Oromia nation

Post by yaballo » 21 Jul 2021, 04:03


That is a very good & a timely reminder to the hopeless woremos but ..

You would think that the woremos can actually take advantage of the tegaru effort in putting-up a fierce resistance against the hadgi-neftenga armies supported by the child rapist Eris, Arab drones, regional militias, etc, to make some progress in their own effort to liberate Gallalandia/Oromia. But no! .. So far, they have made zero progress in their own & never-ending wars for liberation.

Gallas were LAME in the past & they remain so today. I am sure that they WILL remain lame tomorrow too. But, I worry that 'that tomorrow' could be too late for them as they are about to lose their land [oromia] all together.

Ideally, the woremos - and this applies to Somalis & to other oppressed tribes in the south - should even be supplying VOLUNTEER FIGHTERS (ወዶ ዘማቾች) to support the tegarus who are battling the common enemy (neftegnas) against whom all these southern tribes have been battling-out for so long. BUT .. ALAS! .. Oromos & all other tribe in southern Ethiopia haven't been able take advantage of the current ideal situation & make some perceptible progress in their own wars for liberation. ZERO .. NOTHING .. NADA!

That is: I agree with tolcha's sentiment that the gallas/woremos remain to be .. well, a useless mass of hadgis/harres who are incapable of fighting for their own land & rights, let alone help other oppressed people fight for their rights. It is terrible .. I often feel so ashamed about my galla/woremo connection! :oops:

Personally, I might even consider changing my galla name to a nice tegaru name as a gesture of showing my admiration for the heroic efforts of the jeganu-jegarus this year :shock: 8)

But, considering that I am actually neither a galla nor a woremo .. but a Borana, I will keep my nice Borana name - thank you :P.

As you know, Boranas are not quite the same as the gallas/woremos in language, in culture, etc. In many ways, Boranas are closer to their Somali cousins than to other woremo clans/tribes. Oh well .. meches mal godhani .. BUT, I still hope that my fellow woremos/gallas get their acts together soon-ish.. 8)


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