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TDF and Agew people Alliance IN Wag Hemra Zone ( around Sekota )

Post by sarcasm » 20 Jul 2021, 19:41

Noble Amhara
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Re: TDF and Agew people Alliance IN Wag Hemra Zone ( around Sekota )

Post by Noble Amhara » 20 Jul 2021, 19:49


We know your crimes in afar region against afar people then you rasin heads go on YouTube lying about being allies with afar when on ground afar is fighting against TPLF because they know you guys are midir lebas. same thing for agew no TPLF militia can take the lands of Waghemra agew. Waghemra will fight to the last breath with amhara fighters for their land that you agames r craving to steal like roaches . Instead of helping your people you are invading all your neighbors. Trust me we your whole neighborhood hates you chauvinist roaches to death everyone knows you are a landgrabber that exploits people’s kindness and peace for your own chauvinistic ambitions that won’t be forgiven for the next 40 years aid will run out too mzfkaa

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Re: TDF and Agew people Alliance IN Wag Hemra Zone ( around Sekota )

Post by Cigar » 20 Jul 2021, 21:34

You idiot filthy agame why are you ellulating by the supposedly fake news that any other entity or ethio ethnic group is 'siding' with you already dead agames and at the same time you always cry about the hunger, the miseries your funfunat agame people are going through?
What the he'll do you want you knuckle head. Your enemies to snooze while you are begging your masters to bail you out and at the same time are gloating with fake support you 'are' getting from who ever is stupid who can render such to you?
Either fight like a man with who ever is going to help you or expect a pie from the sky by what you usually do here. Begging your masters to punish Ethio, Amhara and Eritrea i.e.
If you really believe that your dead woyane is winning, you don't need to beg your masters to ship you food, stop the as*s spanking you are getting or order your enemies to leave your beggar, barren tigray.
You can't have it both ways.

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