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We know.....

Post by Cigar » 20 Jul 2021, 18:23

Here is an honest tigrawai who just came back from tigray after helping and feeding his tegaru people talking about the Eritrean Defense Force capabilities and the fear the tegarus have on them.
Hear it from a tigrawai who was in tigray during the a*ss spanking of the rag tag tigray militia, unlike the cowards ER form members funfunat agames who create empty bravado from their as*sses while eating their hot dogs and guzzling 2 liter cokes.

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Re: We know.....

Post by TesfaNews » 20 Jul 2021, 18:26

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Re: We know.....

Post by Aba » 21 Jul 2021, 04:53

The Game is Over. Mamo qillo and Issu jillo are toast.
:lol: :lol: :mrgreen:
Cigar wrote:
20 Jul 2021, 18:23

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