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U.S.-EU Joint Statement on the Humanitarian Emergency in Tigray

Post by Revelations » 11 Jun 2021, 00:29

For Immediate Release

Thursday, June 10, 2021
Office of Press Relations
[email protected]

  • Urge all parties to the conflict to agree to a ceasefire immediately to facilitate humanitarian assistance to reach all people in need in Tigray regardless of where they are and to stop violence against civilians;

  • Recall the obligation of all the parties to the conflict to adhere to international humanitarian law and exercise their responsibility towards the protection of all civilians, including humanitarian workers. This should remain paramount and must be applied at all times, and not be conditional on a ceasefire being in place;

  • Call on all the parties to the conflict to allow for immediate, unimpeded and safe humanitarian access to all parts of Tigray to prevent large-scale famine and loss of life;

  • Call on the Ethiopian and Eritrean authorities to ensure that Eritrean armed forces withdraw from Ethiopia immediately, in line with its previous commitment.

  • Call upon the international community to scale up its life-saving support in the region, including through humanitarian funding, and to do everything in its power to protect the lives, dignity and livelihoods of the civilian population in Tigray ... ncy-tigray

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Re: U.S.-EU Joint Statement on the Humanitarian Emergency in Tigray

Post by sesame » 11 Jun 2021, 01:09

These people know that all their claims about violence against civilans, rape, using famine as a weapon and son are lies. The world knows what genocide looks like, what famine looks like and what rape and massacres look like. This is 2021 where tens of thousands of people have phones that can take pictures and video. Yet remarkably, there is no evidence of any of their claims. When the TPLF supporters provide such evidence it is debunked easily as fake and fabricated. The question is: what exactly is driving the US and the Europeans?

The answer is not as many claim to save the TPLF because they love the TPLF, the motive is they want to keep Ethiopia divided and weak. They know that if Ethiopia successfully gets rid of the TPLF cancer, then it will emerge as a strong and united nation, something the Westerns don't want. So Ethiopians need to expose this dirty white and racist policy wherever and whenever. Use every opportunity to hammer at the dirty white people.

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