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PM Abiy's new Ad indicates where the "battleground state" for the upcoming election is

Post by temari » 10 Jun 2021, 16:09

This is the first time many are not sure who will win Addis Ababa and by how many margines. Everybody gives his/her opinion but we could end up in a surprise. Everything is open. This is an election without professional polls and no one can certainly predict how the three main competitive parties will come out.

Even if few surprises in other regions may be possible, the undisputed "battleground state" remains Addis. The high level attention for the city by PM himself indicates how unpredictable the outcome can be. The PM is still popular in the city but not his party and he is trying to help his party to win the election. I hope and pray all of the losing parties will accept their defeat and work hard to become strong for the next election.

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