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Election Board dismissed Baldera’s “generalized” allegations saying Balderas failed to present concrete evidence

Post by temari » 10 Jun 2021, 02:17

It looks like Balderas is becoming nervous and hopes to get Eskender out of jail soon so that he can campaign for more weeks. For this reason the party seems desperate to postpone the election date by trying to make noise less than two weeks before the election. Except for few allegations, Balderas failed to present concrete factual evidence for its claims says Election board.

In any case, a party that’s crying foul just few days before election date without providing hard and widespread evidence is surely nervous and is preparing an a blame game like Trump for its certain defeat.

The sad part is that in the process of face saving the party’s defeat it is trying to tarnish the confidence Ethiopians have been building on their institutions. Once again these kind of parties and individuals demonstrate that it’s all about their big ego and not about the democratic future of the country.

Balderas is indeed about big ego and is not fit for Addis.

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