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Re: Oromo Nationalists Struggle Should Focus on the Dichotomy: “Domination of Amharanet vs Leadership of Oromummaa”!

Post by AbebeB » 10 Jun 2021, 18:47

OPFist wrote:
10 Jun 2021, 16:01
It seems as if the conflict in Ethiopia (Great Oromia) now is between pro-Amharanet Elites (PAE) promoting geo-federation and pro- Oromummaa elites (POE) supporting ethno-federation. Actually, Amhara elites continue promoting geo-federation as long as Amharnet/Amharigna is dominating and the assimilation process of others to Amharanet is continuing. Now, Dr. Abiy and his Biltsignna party are doing this job by neglecting the legitimate right of Oromumma/Oromiffaa to take the primary leading position as major identity and working language of the federation respectively. Genuine Oromo nationalists should now try to change this status quo by promoting Afaan Oromo to primary leading position, by abolishing Amharigna’s domination in the country. As long as Afaan Oromo will be in a leading position in all institutions of the country (parlament, government, justice, military, security, etc), it doesn’t matter for the Oromo wether the federation will be based on geography or language. Amhara elites prefer the first for having domination status of their language and Tegaru elites opt for the later due to their minority status and the insecutity they sense because of it. For the Oromo, as a majority all over the country, what matters most is the leading primary position of Oromiffa/Oromummaa, be it within geo-federation or ethno-federation.
The best way I can comment is by asking Q.
አብሾ ጠጥተህ የመጻፍ ዕድል ገጥሞህ ያውቃልን? ማለቴ ሁሌ በአብሾ ሀይል ትጽፋለህ ብዬ መደምደም ስለከበደኝ ነው፡፡ ወይም የደብተራ ተማሪ ነበርክ ልበል?
I mean, leave alone a per son like you who pretend to have come with peer re-viewable article, no illiterate might be expected to come up with such self contradictory piece.

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