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Eritrean troops disguised as Ethiopian military are blocking critical aid in Tigray (CNN)

Post by sarcasm » 12 May 2021, 09:24

Axum, Ethiopia — Eritrean troops are operating with total impunity in Ethiopia's war-torn northern Tigray region, killing, raping and blocking humanitarian aid to starving populations more than a month after the country's Nobel Peace Prize winning leader pledged to the international community that they would leave.

A CNN team traveling through Tigray's central zone witnessed Eritrean soldiers, some disguising themselves in old Ethiopian military uniforms, manning checkpoints, obstructing and occupying critical aid routes, roaming the halls of one of the region's few operating hospitals and threatening medical staff.

Despite pressure from the Biden administration, there is no sign that Eritrean forces plan to exit the border region anytime soon.

On April 21, a CNN team reporting in Tigray with the permission of Ethiopian authorities traveled from the regional capital Mekelle to the besieged city of Axum, two weeks after it had been sealed off by Ethiopian and Eritrean soldiers. An aid convoy also made the seven-hour journey.

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Re: Eritrean troops disguised as Ethiopian military are blocking critical aid in Tigray (CNN)

Post by Fed_Up » 12 May 2021, 09:35


How are they disguised? do you mean the uniform? really?

if i am wrong correct me but what i see is the confidence of this Shabbos are to the roof. Hands in their pocket, No any sort of gun in their hand, their eyes are sharp like Eagles, their face frown like lions, the calamity is like sea water during summer, their standing looks like they are fully in control, their stature look highly experienced. what a troop!!
what i see is it tells it all, the terrorist WOYANUS ARE SCREWED!!

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