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Doctors Have a Long and Checkered History of Siding with Big Pharma and Biotech Corporations at the Cost of their Patien

Post by teodroseIII » 10 May 2021, 15:44

If a doctor went on national TV today to recommend cigarettes and promote the health benefits of smoking, that doctor would have his medical license revoked immediately. Except not too long ago, up until the 1960s, doctors actually lent their names to corporations like Camel, Philip Morrison and Lucky Strike and lined up in droves to market a deadly habit that was taking the lives of hundreds of thousands of people on an annual basis.

Cigarette manufacturers turned to doctors and healthcare workers in general because they realized the power of titles and the influence people in position of authority have over the decision making process of the general public. To this end, the tobacco industry systematically co-opted the medical profession through the oldest and most effective way of corrupting people—money. By funding “scientific studies”, giving kickbacks to doctors and bribing public heath officials, multibillion dollar cigarette corporations were able to shape heath policies and manipulate public discourse for decades.

In 1946, R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company created a Medical Relations Division that was tasked with reaching out to the medical community, paying for research that was friendly to tobacco peddlers and keeping society in the dark about the dangers of smoking. While the number of people who were being stricken by cancer was going through the roof, the very doctors who were charged with protecting patients from harmful products and looking after their wellbeing were instead taking cash payments from companies that were murdering millions of Americans with their toxic products...continued...

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Re: Doctors Have a Long and Checkered History of Siding with Big Pharma and Biotech Corporations at the Cost of their Pa

Post by gurre » 10 May 2021, 18:40

Your article(s) doesn’t fit in to this site, here are audiences out of low wage countries/poor countries, where you can buy and sell on the cheap. So corporations brainwash high wage countries, it is there everything is decided. Just look at pharmaceutical companies how they scramble for profit in north america and europe, while ignoring low wage countries.

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