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Ethiopia needs smart leaders: Military Aid for GERD Deal - United States

Post by Roman » 07 May 2021, 02:22

If the Americans want a deal between Ethiopia and Egypt I believe there's a way both sides can be happy. Dr. Abiy Ahmed should travel to Washington DC along with Al-Sisi and the binding agreement should include military aid for Ethiopia.

1. Ethiopia should demand $2Billion dollars in military aid every year and immediate delivery of F16s and F15s along with surface to air missiles.
2. Military training provided by the United States.
3. 100% support for the regime in Addis Ababa led by Dr. Abiy Ahmed.

There should be clauses in the contract for Ethiopia.

1. If America doesn't delivery its $2Billion aid in weapons annually then The Ethiopian-Egyptian deal is void.

I still don't understand why the Ethiopian government isn't milking this?

Ethiopia can get anything it wants from the United States to get the Egyptians their binding agreement.

The Egyptians are smart and they took advantage of this and made peace with Israel to get military aid. Ethiopia should also be smart and make peace with Egypt to get military aid.

I want to see Ethiopian F16s and F15s. :mrgreen:

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