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‘It’s getting worse’: Refugee doctor chronicles Tigray’s pain as he treats it (The Globe & Mail)

Post by sarcasm » 06 May 2021, 19:17

He is a surgeon and a father. Every morning, he wakes up under a plastic tarp and is reminded he’s now a refugee, too.

Tewodros Tefera is one of more than 60,000 people who have fled ethnic violence in Ethiopia’s northern Tigray region, crossing the border into a remote corner of Sudan. Horrified by what he saw when the fighting between Ethiopian and Tigray forces began six months ago, and by the tales of new arrivals, the 44-year-old chronicles the pain even as he treats it.

“It’s getting worse,” he says of life back home.

Ethiopia says it is “deeply dismayed” by the deaths of civilians, blames the now-fugitive Tigray leaders and claims normality is returning. But Dr. Tewodros’ patients tell him that killings, gang rapes and mass expulsions of ethnic Tigrayans continue as some six million civilians are targeted for their leaders’ political past.

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