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Breaking: Meshrefet quickly kidnapped the body of Abere Adamu like he did to the body of Hacalu to hide evidence

Post by abel qael » 06 May 2021, 03:31

No later than Abere was pronounced dead, Meshrefet ordered amharu kilil to put the body of Abere in bodybag and to bring it to Addis immediately. This is 100% proof that Meshrefet killed Abere by poison. Abere was heard saying that he will publicly reveal all the crimes regarding the killing of Asamnew, Amhara leaders, and the Tigrean generals. He was also asking for being evaluated after they fired him but Meshrefet and co lied he was evaluated before being fired. Now they are accusing him for organizing a Gojamie/Dmotie movement, meaning, they admit killing him to prevent that. The fools are slowly admitting killing him and if Amharu have an iota of self-respect they will rise up and evict the amharu bilgina hyenas like the dog-looking mentally -sick midget Gonderam Agengew Teshager and the fatarzed Weloyeshemale weyzero Demekech. It will be shameful if Amharu continue their flip-flopping political business as usual.

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