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The werada bu'shtiew hamasenay PFJD diaspora are begging Europeans and Americans to send Peacekeeping Force.

Posted: 04 May 2021, 03:24
by abel qael
They are nagging Western Embassies, diplomats, lobbyists, etc, insistently demanding their guarantee for the qoshasha leba hamasenaylutiew Army to withdraw from Tigray by stopping TDF from attacking its flanks. They are also demanding the creation of buffer zone between Tigray and cursedar'tera. The bukatam ferri hamasenaylutiews are shi'tting in their pants coz they know Tigray will never let them get away with what they did. No force on Earth will dare come to protect Lu'tiew Hamasenay from Betri Tigray. No hamasenaylu'tiew will be helped by the west to leave Tigray. TDF and only TDF decides the fate of hamasenaylu'tiew militias and even cursedar'tera itself.