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The vast core of TPLF was put out of commission months ago, but terrorist TPLF supporters post its old rallying videos..

Post by Hazega/Tsazega. » 04 May 2021, 00:38

The vast core of TPLF was put out of commission months ago...but terrorist TPLF supporters post its old rallying videos of the months/year before it launched its attack & met its quick demise, in spite of its years of unabated boasting/taunting...

The purpose of which is to give the illusion that the TPLF is an existant formidable force and therefore negotiations are feasible/needed. This was the narrative that was being peddled long before the start of the conflict by so called experts & diplomats...but then the unthinkable happened when TPLF miscalculated and started its heavy blitzkrieg attacks. The reality is that the miscalculation caused the TPLF to permanently lose the majority of its fighting forces including its seasoned core units along with its heavy armaments.

Even further, after realizing the defeats, the majority of the remaining terrorists 40-60K fled to Sudan pretending to be civilians...but they committed last horrific & cowardly acts against nonTigrayan civilians as they were fleeing across towns/villages. The humanitarian agencies that received these terrorists had no shame or doubt when trying to peddle them as civilians escaping war...none of them raised questions as to why was this large influx comprised mostly of fighting age males (not women/children) from TPLF dominated tigray?? Why were these males fleeing at same time that the downfall of TPLF was occurring with the Ethiopian Defenses breakthrough in the region?? Why didn't these fighting age males flee the war weeks before when TPLF launched the war/attack on Ethiopian defense forces??

To the contrary the so called humanitarian agencies were advocating that these tigray males be moved/relocated further into Sudan from day one, before even actually evaluating/interviewing the majority of these males to investigate if they were actually civilians. Why advocate to have them moved deep into the hinterlands of Sudan away from other refugee camps on the borders? It makes no sense, unless they already knew that these males were fleeing enemy combatants of TPLF/tigray & they were aiding & abetting them to be out of the future reach of Ethiopian justice...and it is well known that senior TPLF leaders (before their demise) had networks in Sudan long before the war. Most times refugees are kept closer to borders so that after war subsides that it will be easier to repatriate them to their homes/nations. However in the case of fighting age males from tigray, these humanitarian agencies wanted to relocate them specifically to camps deep inside Sudan away from other refugees??...were they (are they) trying to regroup them for military training?

Just some things i am pondering as the meddling uninvited fascist/bigoted US/EU diplomats are making tours of the entire region (Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, and Sudan) and are over exaggerating a crisis that is not as volatile on the ground. Maybe i am overreacting but so far they have shown extreme prejudice in their assessments mainly based on the erroneous news circulated by many medias that didn't fact check the various TPLF manufactured lies/accusations they were rehashing into the international community. They are even going to tour some of refugee camps where tigray males are hiding...ofcourse for the camera they will place women/children upfront.

Whatever they are up to, it started with exaggerated lies of the TPLF naratives and they happily went along with it as they had happily gone along with TPLF for past 2+decades...i doubt they have the temerity&honesty to hold the defeated TPLF(& its handful remnants) accountable for everything that has lead to the present. To the contrary they will twist for negotiations with a defunct terrorist group under the cover of humanitarianism & will even try to leverage them against other interests (Nile waters & regional influence). Already the fascists don't want to be observers of an election when usually they are the first to complain of lack of independent observers...maybe they already know who will actually win the majority of votes & its not who they want šŸ˜‰

Anyways all the uptick in TPLF sympathizers posting old videos of TPLF before its defeat & all its marches of tigray people, are meant to deceive the gullible into thinking its an existing formidable force...which it is is diminished to handfuls of mass shooters terrorizing/looting/rapping their own region & trying to blame others!! They are just ramping up the illusion in coordination with the touring fascist US/EU diplomats.

Additionally I am not interested in seeing our region/Africa being turned into the next theater for neocolonial wars/adventures nor for us to be pawns in new cold wars. In fact the fascists & their gloves (terrorists) need to be kicked out of Africa...we are seeing what you have done in Libya and your out branching tentacles into Mali, Niger, Chad, Nigeria, Central Africa...all under the guise of humanitarianism & fighting terrorism. You toppled governments & built many bases (some classified/secret) ...but yet the wars increased/intensified instead of diminishing...coincidentally giving you more reason/excuse not to leave...and to inch your way closer to encircling the most resource rich nations of Africa. Colonizers of past invaded Africa under same pretexts & expanded their footholds using same methods...we don't want you back!!

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