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Halafi Mengedi
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TDF on the march???

Post by Halafi Mengedi » 03 May 2021, 21:44

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Re: TDF on the march???

Post by sesame » 03 May 2021, 22:06

Poor Agame,

Still singing and dancing and marching but no fighting. For Agames, war is a cultural show. Of course, once the real shooting starts, no one can ran like an agame. They ran all the way from Humera to Mekele and to Hagere Selam in 17 days, breaking the world record in ህድማ

ባሃልዊ ጨዋታ መሺሉና
ትግራይ ትዕወት ተበሉና
ብኣፍ ካብ ለይግነይ
ተዳቝሽካ ካብ ኮነይ
ቶግ ቶግ ብሉኾነይ
ክብል ኢየ ኢምበይ
ኣውጽእኒ ኢግረይ

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