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WHO chief Tedros plans to seek re-election [REUTERS]

Post by Revelations » 03 May 2021, 14:01

Digital Weyane
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Re: WHO chief Tedros plans to seek re-election [REUTERS]

Post by Digital Weyane » 03 May 2021, 14:33

We the Tigray people were very embarrassed when Ayte Tedros Adhanom didn't understand the questions during his first job interview. Here is the transcript of the interview. ዋይ ዋይ ዋይ ዋይ! :cry: :cry:

Brazil: Mr. Tedros, my question is essentially based on your presentation this morning, and and I'd like to indicate that, notwithstanding you claim to be a candidate from a developing country, in my view you seem to espouse an agenda that is very much aligned with the priorities of the North (Western countries), such as approaching global health through a security lens-- treating universality through a concept of coverage and not a universal health system. You see WHO as an implementer of international health regulations, and not as a standard setting body; you're focused on fragile states with hard to reach settings, but with little clarity on the WHO's mission in terms of the development agenda. So how can we translate your views in terms of a development candidate?

Tedros Adhanom: Sorry, but the question is not clear. Can you clarify, please? ..... ዋይ ዋይ ዋይ ዋይ! :cry:

Brazil: How can you better explain your claim of being from the South (Third world countries) or a development agenda candidate?

Tedros Adhanom: Did you say, linking it with sustainable development goals? :roll:

(The audience bursts into laughter) ዋይ ዋይ ዋይ ዋይ! :cry:

Chairman: Can I possibly try to clarify the question?

Wesf'aatam Brazil: Yes, please do. (smirk) :evil:

Chairman: Tedros, during your presentation this morning, you claimed to be a candidate coming from a developing country (Third world country), yet the plans you put forward during your presentation this morning are driven by the agenda of the North (Western countries). So how can you claim to be from a Third World country, yet presenting the agenda of the developed world (Western countries)? Is that clear enough?

Tedros Adhanom: Sorry, I don't understand the question. Can you repeat the question in Tigrigna, please?

ኡስቲ አነ ክሙክር
Digital Weyane: - ክቡር አይተ ቴድሮስ አድሓኖም፣ ጊሓት አው ልገበርኩምዎ ፅዋ፡ ካው ሳልሳይ ዓለም ልመፃእኩ ተዋዳዳሪ ኡየ ኡሞ በይዛኹም ምረፁኒ ክትብሉ ተደሚፅኩም። አብቱይ ዘቕረብኩምዎ ፅዋ ሀምዝተዓዘብናዮ ግና ላይቶም ሃፍታማት ፈረንጂ ሃገራት አጀንዳ ከምእተራምዱን፡ ላይቶም ሳልሳይ ዓለም ድኻታት ሃገራት አጀንዳ ግን ሀምእትቃወሙን ንፁር ኮይኑ እኒኦ። ሕዚ ጥያቄና፣ ዓርስኹም ኻው ዓድዋ ኻው ሳልሳይ ዓለም እንተለኹም ብሙንታይ ሙኽንያት እይኹም ልፈረንጂ ጉንብስ ቀና እላበልኩምን እላሰገድኩምን አጀንዳኦም ሀም እተራምዱሎም ቃልኩም እትህብዎም ፡ ብአንፃሩ ለቶም ሕብሪ ቆርበቶም ዘይተመችአኩም ፀለምቲ አፍሪቃውያን ግና ሀም ዘይናይኩም ወገን ርኢኹም ብፈረንጂ ከተርግፅዎም ትምኩሩ ዝኒኤኹምሲ ሰይጣንዶ አሳሕቲቱኩም ወይስ ዓዊድኩም ጨርቅኹም አውዲቕኩም እይኹም፧፧ ኡስቲ ለዚኣ መልሱ ።

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