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Eddie Griffin the Comedian versus John Oliver the Establishment Court Jester

Post by teodroseIII » 03 May 2021, 13:37

What Griffin did in a 10 minute justified rant was take a hammer to the wall of lies that are being purveyed by politicians, media personalities and medical professionals as they condition billions of people around the world to self-harm by way of tainted needles. For this act of courage, I am sure that Griffin will pay the price by being denied access to Netflix and being shunned by Hollywood even though he is a hilarious comedian and a very accomplished actor. One thing the entertainment industry does not abide is sojourners who insist on seeking truth; “black” comedians are free to dress up in skirts and put on minstrel acts but God forbid they touch upon subjects that are deemed third-rails, they get marginalized or worse.

Compare Griffin’s take on the Covid-19 “vaccines” to that of John Oliver; whereas the former has been relegated to YouTube (it’s a matter of time before his channel gets taken down if he keeps exposing Big Pharma lies) the latter has his own show on HBO. Just like Jon Stewart before him, whom Oliver owes his fame to, the annoying host of “Last Week Tonight” has turned the suffering of the people and the excesses of the ruling class into punch lines. Instead of galvanizing the public to demand full representation and to push back against policies that crater the vast majority of humanity, Oliver gets paid to normalize governmental overreach and Wall Street criminality by turning their maliciousness into jokes....continued...

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