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Is OMN an Oromo media or Jawar Mohammed's personal asset?

Post by Roman » 03 May 2021, 08:33

Build institutions not cult personalities as I told my Oromo people and given the importance of media this advice is critical.

The questions

How come OMN didn't elect a new CEO?
How come OMN leaders haven't met with Dr. Abiy to reopen their office in Addis Abbaba?

What does OMN have to do with Jawar Mohammed being in prison? Is this Jawar Mohammed media or Oromo media? Let's understand that Jawar Mohammed is just one man - Him being alive or dead shouldn't prevent Oromo institutions from continuing to exist.

My advice to OMN:

1. Apologize to the Ethiopian government for your support of rebels.
2. Elect a new CEO and negotiate the government to reopen your offices in Ethiopia.

Jawar Mohammed is simply one man, he isn't that important to shut down an institution such as powerful as OMN.

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