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How to defend Ethiopia from External and Internal Enemies

Post by TGAA » 02 May 2021, 23:46

Giving the hovering political and military threat against Ethiopian national interest both from internal and international enemies Abiy needs to get out of Ethnic politicking as soon as yesterday. The sooner he doesn't do that it is going to be a disaster for all Ethiopians.
Replace the military commanders with merit don't give a central position to those generals who are there only because they have to represent an ethnic quota.
Start training the Ethiopian Army or change the regional armies to the national Army by mixing and putting them under the Ethiopian flag.
conduct an effective demoralizing military campaign against OLF shene or whatever their name is. While Sudan and Egypt are saber-rattling to take military action to not have a cohesive society going to make us much vulnerable. To expect that Sudan and Egypt are simply bluffing is preparation for disaster. Only strength fends off an enemy.

Stand with Eritrea and defend the pressure that is coming against Eritrea. I don't think that has been done enough. Abiy needs to stick with Eritrea no matter what. Make sure no atrocities are committed against civilians but weyanes need to be hunted down and need to be destroyed.
Any killil that can not protect civilians from ethnic cleansers and terrorist under its administration it should lose its autonomy. The federal government has to be in charge till the kille administration is capable of providing protection.
Mobilize the public for national defense purposes.

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Re: How to defend Ethiopia from External and Internal Enemies

Post by yaballo » 03 May 2021, 00:52

weiticho ..zinjericho .. bozicho,

Remember that your saviour & moses named Zinabu had asked all lovers of emiye to either register themselves as volunteer soldiers &/or to send their children to war fronts.

So far, zero guraghes/fugas or diaspora families answered his desperate calls despite being his most ardent backers.

Of course, poor Ethiopia has always relied on the children of poor oromo & weixo farmers to die for the ideals of its so called elites. But, in the age of the facebook, not many of these lots are willing to die for the silly empire that, worse, has designated oromos & even ABIN supporters as its sworn enemies. But, the oromo & weixo youth are more than willing to die for the emancipation of their ethnic homeland.

Basically, you & Horu-the-fugaw need to lead by example by either joining "የአባት ጦር/ye abat tor" brigade near you :P .. OR send your children to war :shock: :P .. Of course, neither of you would do that.

If not willing to do that, I suggest that you shut the fu*ck up & accept the inevitable defeat that will take Aethiopia back to the hands of "ethno fascists" [woyanes, onegoch, etc].

Here is the cry for help by Col. Zinabu asking his supporters to become volunteers for his wars. Otherwise, close your fintitas/ፊንጥጣ tightly so as not huge volumes of fes/ፈስ & qizen/ቅዘን can escape ...

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