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Agame women throwing themselves at Ethiopian forces in Adigrat

Post by Roman » 02 May 2021, 23:21

I finally spoke with my cousin who just came back from Adigrat after completing his six month with the ENDF. It seems like ENDF is bringing in fresh troops to replace troops who have been in the war for six months.

What he told me was that agame women are pretty much in despair. The agame men have ran away and are hiding like children in caves while the women and children go hungry and suffer.

This had led to many Agame women in Adigrat to start selling themselves - Apparently he got some action from a hot milf... :lol: :lol: 8)

I can't blame agame women - The TPLF bit.ches started the war and ran away. I welcome all $exy agame sisters who want to explore their options so that hopefully their kids don't have to carry the agame ethnic. :mrgreen:

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Re: Agame women throwing themselves at Ethiopian forces in Adigrat

Post by Lakeshore » 03 May 2021, 09:37

yes, that is what I call ethnics cleansing with love hahhahah. All Agame women should throw those useless half male Agame with tiny dicks who talks always about looting and killing who doesn't know romance and can not satisfy their women. What kind of person called himself a man if you can not satisfy your woman.

Even Addis, most of Junta's children and wife with their looted money are shaged by Addis Ababa handsome and beautiful Amhara boys and girls for their money. As you know Addis( adu) are lovers, not fighters so they have no problem pleasing the sad junta children and wives for their money. including Azeb Mesfin and her addicted daughter around Stefanos church.

I do not blame them they eat and drink so they need some sex too. And as you know digs do not have ethnicity as long as they are big and thick and for the buzzy tight and juicy and clean. Sorry for the Agame diaspora, you keep rolling on the ground and send some money so we can enjoy it here in Ethiopia.

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