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OLF and OFC are led by ignorant fools

Posted: 02 May 2021, 20:11
by Roman
I can't understand why these idiots pulled out of the election because strategically speaking they would have more power if they join the election and win 40-60 seats in parliament.

Here's my perspective:

How do the idiots who support these useless organizations even continue supporting them? What's the point of supporting Merera Gudina and Dawud Ibsa when these idiots never win any seats??? :lol: :lol: :lol:

What's the point of even creating a party that has no strategy to win seats?

These useless Oromo parties seem to lack leadership and none of them have roadmap to gaining power because they would rather cry and whine like the bit.ches they're. I feel sorry for Oromo people who support these morons leading OLF and OFC.

The only option in Oromia for Oromo people is Dr. Abiy Ahmed - He will get another term