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Ruhus/Melkam Fasika and Ramadan Kareem

Post by Hazega/Tsazega. » 02 May 2021, 18:33

Ruhus/Melkam Fasika and Ramadan Kareem to all...and anything else that is customary for other culture's in Horn Africa region and neighbors.

Thank you to sacrifices of the Ethiopian-DF & Eritrean-DF for clearing the biggest obstacle to peace from the region!! Thank you for clearing the core of the terrorist TPLF in such a short time...even though it(TPLF) had been planning/plotting/working to turn the region into chaos for past 2+decades with the silent aid of the US/Europe during those decades. May you clean-up the last of the terrorist TPLF cells despite the uninvited bigoted nations/leaders various attempts at trying to save the TPLF by using false/exaggerated human rights narratives as a cover to meddle/leverage into the greater national/regional affairs of the Horn of Africa. As others have pointed out the biggest interest of these uninvited bigoted leaders/nations is the supposed Nile issue and not real/warranted concern for human rights nor the TPLF...and their other concern/fear is seeing Africans working out their own problems & mapping out their own futures/interests without their meddling or say. Its very peculiar that water is being traded as a commodity on the New York stock exchange (Wallstreet) just as of this year 2021 and some how the US Treasury & World Bank want to be mediators (unbiased šŸ˜‰) in the bigger picture/interest of Nile waters...lets also not forget that Egypt tried to divert/pipeline the Nile waters north past the Sinai to nations that have never been natural tributaries of the Nile.

These uninvited bigoted leaders/nations need to focus on their own internal affairs of treating many of their own citizens as second class citizens both on the streets & their legal system as well as their economic systems...and the other bigoted leaders/nations on the other side of the Atlantic need to fix their austerity measures they pushed on their citizens due to irresponsible gamblings of their banking systems & intentionally flooded their own immigration systems to scapegoat foreign asylum seekers for the downturn in their economies & social benefits. 2020 has also exposed these bigoted leaders/nations to their own citizens in their own nations as large numbers took to the streets to protest against the bigotry/racism/disparity rooted in their own nations establishments (past & current)...a Great Awakening!

Ruhus/Melkam Fasika and Ramadan Kareem to all...and anything else that is customary for other culture's in Horn Africa region and neighbors.

Wish & Pray for heavy rains this year for the region for the greening of the lands , filling of the reservoirs, and benefit of all the regions farmers & people!! Let the heavy rains fill the reservoirs, dams, and Great dams with even more rain waters then previous years...and may those that falsely exaggerate lack of Nile water flow be flooded to beyond their imagination this rainy season and far beyond!!

May Eritrea, Ethiopia, & Somalia prosper greatly by continuing to work together!!...and our neighbors join us, instead of being lackeys for hostile & bigoted powerful nations that want to dictate our region (as they had one way or another for over a century, & even longer in other parts of Africa). Let Africa rise from neo-colonialism & oust the bigoted leaders/nations/agents that use false/exaggerated human rights narratives as their operational cover.

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