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Re: መፈርስ ካለበት ትግራይን ያወደመዉ፣ጉሙዞችን የጨፈጨፈዉ፣ቅማንቶችን እና የወሎ ኦሮሞን ዘር ለማጥፋት የዘመተዉ ታጣቂዎች እንጂ ኦሮሙማ አይደለም።

Post by Lakeshore » 02 May 2021, 21:01

The terrorist Gala and Agame got their real name. From now on anyone who tries to support or sympathize with the animals will go to the sable where Bekele and Jawar live happily.

Our patience is over, from now on you will be treated the way you deserved like animals. Killing civilians is not heroism idiots. From now on you will face real warriors and see how long you gonna stand.

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