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Meshrefet threatened Edgypt: he said he has millions of poor Ethiopians he can use as bombers and minesweepers .

Posted: 07 Apr 2021, 21:47
by abel qael
The cannibal meshrrefet still remembers when he was a dirtypoor listro until weyane picked him from garbage dumpster and allowed him to be its water carrier. Weyane made a mistake for not making this booshti monkey a minesweeper. He was so scared about it , he did every bu'shti thing with Abadula to protect him from being made a minesweeper. He still fears being a minesweeper by Egypt or weyane. That is why he thinks all poor Ethiopians who number up to 60 million are to be used as cannon fodders instead of him. The dirtypoor madiatam treasonous fagut thinks poor Ethiopians are garbage like him