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Breaking: OLA has concrete evidence showin hamasenaylootiew militia and qomxamhara liyu & militia are fighting in Oromia

Posted: 07 Apr 2021, 20:27
by abel qael
Bingo! only 24 hours after the liar spokesperson of wedimedhin said ar'tera is not involved in the war in Oromia, credible reports are coming from OLA networks claiming they have one ar'teran [deleted] militia and a qomaxamharay liyu, whom they say they will post online as evidence of the illegal involvement of both mercenaries in Oromia. This is 100% credible info but for more elaboration you can stay tuned like [deleted] eurokintir sebdeyley liilkogne mesraqbetraq's anopozal pouch.

Oromia and Tigray will l Be free in 2021!