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It's useless trying to reform an empire; Oromo's heed this advice of Obbo Hadi Kanku of

Post by Sadacha Macca » 07 Apr 2021, 16:59

From last year, but still relevant.

''My Appeal to them is this: please do not think and talk of democratizing Ethiopia under the Abyssinian domination and its Oromo robots in the same vein as before… All of us must learn from our repeated mistakes. We must struggle for a liberated free Oromia and coordinate our struggle with all other oppressed peoples in the Ethiopian empire. I am especially thankful to Jamal Hibano for raising this point in passing in his last interview on OMN. Our right to self determination must be the focus of our struggle. We cannot reform the Ethiopian empire. It is just beyond our capacity. First we have to liberate ourselves from its yoke. That is not easy in itself. And there is no short-cut to freedom in Ethiopia. Let us try as best as we can to give up all our illusions on this vital point. People like Baqale Garba, Jawar Mohammad and Hamsa Borana will hopefully also change their perspectives on fundamental issues of our struggle for freedom if they are released at all alive. I hope the international community will put the necessary pressure on the regime to release them and other political prisoners unconditionally.

Dear Oromo patriotic intellectuals abroad, if you were in Ethiopia today, your fate would not be different from that of Baqale Garba and his colleagues. Have we forgotten what happened to Taddesse Birruu, Haile fidda, Tafari Banti and countless other Oromos? Why should we repeat the same mistakes continuously, over and over again? Why should we always rush mindlessly to support all Abyssinian tactical gestures at opening and change only to become its victims at the end of the day? Why do we refuse to look inside ourselves to reverse our automatic behavior? We are not machines. We are thinking and feeling human beings. History will never forgive us this behavior. As long as we do not learn from our mistakes it will repeat itself. Terrible things will await us.. This is also the logic of nature. Besides, nature defends itself vigorously. Perhaps the cronavirus is part of its self- defensive work.. The ecological disasters that are taking place on our planet are obvious. Here is the the most topical point that I want to make: Peaceful struggle does not exclude legitimate self defense. We are not animals, menga, as as Abyssinian chauvinists call us, to always sit and wait until we are butchered or dragged to to jail, without even passive resistance. I think most of us Oromos do not like facts- we like our dreams and fantasies. And there are enough Oromos who use these stuffs for charismatic ends and personal gains- to get public attention and to achieve power for personal glory.. They ignore the importance of democratic and collective political organizations and leaderships with grass roots in the masses of the Oromo people. True, unlike Abyssinians the oppressed peoples of Ethiopia are totally disarmed by the Derg and the TPLF regimes. Yet we must do NOW all we can to defend ourselves against a murderous nafxagna supported regime, with all what we have. Therefore, my appeal to all genuine qeerros is this: Organize self defense committees all over Oromia and make use of our vast and suitable landscape for cover against military repression. This requires a very high degree of mobility, Oromo solidarity and organizational skills and discipline. Such work must involve all Oromo social, political and religious denominations to preempt the Abyssinian efforts to disunite the oppressed peoples from within.. I hope that qeerro intellectuals and organizers understand this urgent question. It is a matter of utter survival that demands the mobilization of all our resources in the most peaceful manner possible..

My appeal to the patriotic Oromo political groups: in the face of mounting Abyssinian repression work is necessary alongside independent qeerro activists to prepare the grounds for moving a large number of victimized ordinary Oromo people to safe areas in the neighboring African countries, where the UN and the international community personnel can take care of them without fear for their own safely. Dear African people must share our ordeal and fate one way or another. This is very important. We cannot get anywhere without their active solidarity. Jawar Mohammed once said that he would like to launch a program on OMN in Swahili language. I request OMN to put this into practice now without hesitation. This language, I hope sincerely, will be part of Oromo curriculum God willing in future in a liberated free Oromia so that Oromo students can choose different important languages. We must return to our black African roots no matter what happens and by all means. I think this can be enshrined in our various programs.

My next appeal is to the naïve Oromos who are serving the Abyi regime. From reading history I know that the most effective way of controlling the oppressed people is through the oppressed people themselves. All oppressive empires have done this. The Abyssinian empire is no exception: therefore, join the struggle of your people in all ways possible even passively. At least refuse to be part of the direct instruments of repression and terror. How do you feel about the ethnic cleansing that has been going on for two years especially in Wollagga and Guji? Work from within the regime and its establishments to reverse and undermine Abyi‘s agenda. You will earn the respect and love of our people for that. More important, you will earn self respect as human beings, which is the most important thing in life. It means also true self love. It means also true happiness no matter what your conditions are. How can a man be happy without self respect and self love?

My appeal is also to Oromo advocates abroad: Let us work hard to move the international community and the UN to action. Personally I am convinced peace can be maintained in Ethiopia at present only through UN intervention. I am convinced that Abyi is not interested at all in a fair election. I think he is determined to be an absolute dictator for life supported by the Eritrean dictator in the first place. The Arab dictators and oil oligarchies are putting lot of money at his disposal for fear of any democratic opening in the region. This is no secret. My point is this: A fair election in today Ethiopia can be held only under UN auspices. The former American ambassador in Ethiopia did say that Ethiopia at present should not be left to itself. He is absolutely right.

The Nobel Peace Prize committee had overlooked Abyi‘s military background under TPLF. It has overlooked as well his love for the Eritrean dictator who is helping him now in all ways he can. I assume the committee wanted to encourage democracy in Ethiopia. So I do not like to blame it. It is clear now that Abyi is an Abyssinian driven showman and is misusing the award to cover up chauvinist agenda and crimes..

Finally, I appeal to all peace loving and democratic countries of the world to put maximum pressure on the Ethiopian regime to stop killing, jailing and repressing innocent and peaceful people immediately. I am nobody and I want to remain nobody. But thanks to this media I can make my voice heard. I am sure that my voice is also your voice. My readers, thank you all with lasting love.''

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Re: It's useless trying to reform an empire; Oromo's heed this advice of Obbo Hadi Kanku of

Post by Abere » 07 Apr 2021, 17:16

I say it again, it is easy to wish a new planet between Earth and Mars than wishing Orommiyaa in Ethiopia. It is a euphotic dream. It will evaporate the lives of ill-advised irrationally and emotionally charged Qeerroo into the thin air. This is not going to be a cake walk like what happened during the TPLF's last final day after receiving a heavy blow from Woldeya, Gondar and Raya. It is bad time, all Ethiopians already have known the so-called OLF is a disease to all - they have seen it in Shashemene, in Addis Ababa Burayi, Gedio Zone, Wolega, etc. OLF is a herd of disasters that everyone will fight against it with what ever resource at hand. If it were not for civility of Ethiopians and the current regime is an OLF based, the war with OLF would have not be more than 1 or 2 days. My advice to peaceful Oromos is just to abandon OLF and live their life. The only thing Oromos want to be free is from poverty. For that they have to be hardworking citizens and embrace change, modernity.

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