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EthioRedSea as prime minister of Ethiopia: vision and plans

Post by EthioRedSea » 07 Apr 2021, 14:06

EthioRedSea to rule Ethiopia with the intention of bringing peace and development.
Ethiopia shall be a unitary democratic state.
Ethiopia will have a new constitution where power emanates from the people of Ethiopia.
There will be no ethnic group based political groups.
There shall be about 30 provinces.
The head of each province shall be appointed by the parliament.
A constitutional monarchy might be institutionalized if the people approve it by referendum.
Ethiopia will have a standing army as many as as necessary.
There will be a national military and social service of 18 months (German Model) for each Ethiopian at the age of 18 years.
Ethiopia will re-organize such that it influences the neighboring countries and the rest of the world from the position of strength. Ethiopia shall be the conscience of the world, as the Bible says.

No Ethiopian shall be allowed to illegally emigrate to other countries.
There will be ample industries and factories for the youth to be employed and earn sufficient wage to maintain life as individuals and as family.
The Nile and it's tributaries will be harnessed for the national economy of Ethiopia. I will divert the Nile to supply water to semi-arid and arid regions of Ethiopia.

I will make Aksum the capital city of Ethiopia. Addis Abeba shall remain the economic hub and the diplomatic centre for Africa.
The secession of Eritrea is wrong and Eritreans will be given a chance to join Ethiopia as Abysinians or Ethiopians.
I will delimit the boundary between Ethiopia and Eritrea on the basis of the Wuchale Treaty for practical purposes. The Red Sea has always been part of Ethiopia. Ethiopia will strive to get back Yemen and South Arabia. Ethiopia should strive to get back the eastern part of The Red Sea ( should be reflected in the constitution and should be part of the syallabus for military colleges and academies)

No land will be owned by foreigners.
Agriculture will be mechanized and will be led by Ethiopians for reasons of national security.

There will be no death penalty except for crimes of betrayal of Ethiopia.
Corruption and ethnic discrimination shall be punished by death penality.
Ethiopia will maintain it's long-standing relation with china .
Ethiopia will not allow countries like USA, UK, EU to hamper it's development plans
Ethiopia will renew it's long-standing relation with Russia with the aim promoting economic development which Ethiopia needs badly.

Countries like India, Arab league countries, Turkey, Israel, Iran, Pakistan should not be allowed to have an active role in Ethiopia. They are ridden with conflict and will be a problem for Ethiopia.

Support EthioRedSea
Support Ethiopia to be a good country!
Disband nasty TPLF, EPRDF, EPP, shabia, OLF, ONLF etc!

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Re: EthioRedSea as prime minister of Ethiopia: vision and plans

Post by Roman » 07 Apr 2021, 14:48

You're missing the most important component and that's strong armed forces. Secondly some of your plans could take decades given that dismantling ethnic federalism requires societal change. Those societal changes take generations and is tiresome.

Here's my advice

1. Move the capital somewhere between Oromia-Afar and Amhara region.
2. Ban ethnic parties but don't dismantle ethnic regions.
3. Invest in strong army

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Re: EthioRedSea as prime minister of Ethiopia: vision and plans

Post by EthioRedSea » 07 Apr 2021, 15:21

The Capital city of Ethiopia should be Aksum, which will be neutral to all.
At the same we can disband TPLF, which is a die-hard ethnonarcissit group. No TPLF leader or member will be killed or imprisoned. We can disband TPLF as we did disband Mengistu's Worker's Party.
Making Aksum the capital city is necessary for reasons of history and to allow more amhara and other ethnic groups to live in Aksum, which will make the area more Ethiopian.

I have short, medium and long-term plans.

short-term plan: defend Ethiopia against foreign enemies: Sudan, Egypt and others. Remove Abiy from power and replace him with myself or somebody having similar ideas . Declare all ethnic based political groups illegal and hold an election to the parliament. Draft a new constitution of a democratic unitary state which will be approved by the people of Ethiopia through a referendum.

Medium term plans; reorganize Ethiopia as administrative units - 30 provinces each with equal surface area. a thorough discussion shall take place through media and gatherings in the communities. No ethnic groups shall be mishandled or mistreated. We will transfer their right into the hands of the state of Ethiopia and the people of Ethiopia.
Expand education : cover primary and secondary education in al regions or counties, there shall be many professional training centres and medium level colleges. Universities willbe opened and the old once expanded and modernised. Ethiopia would need about 100 universities in total at this time. the current number of universities is too small to have the needed result of economic development.

Long-term plans; Make Ethiopia one nation and a leading nation in industry and science like China or Europe. Manufacturing will be expanded to the level of a village. Villages could produce commodities that could be available for the international market. For example powdered teff and packed in transportable form could be done in all villages. Or the production of shoes for world consumption could be carried out in many districts of the country, where they can export directly to any country of the world.

China, South Korea and Japan are my economic model.

All plans will be adjusted by reviewing them again and again. The aim should be to develop the econmy in Ethiopia, to make Ethiopia economically and politically dependent on itself. Ethiopia has an amazing internal market of 120 million and increasing every year, to be 500 million in 2050.

Noble Amhara
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Re: EthioRedSea as prime minister of Ethiopia: vision and plans

Post by Noble Amhara » 07 Apr 2021, 18:54

Noble Amhara - as President of Amhara Region and not the failed state of 80 Barbaric Ethnicities

First I would make Debre Berhan the capital of Amhara

I would build many clean and urban residential areas around the city this would be important so Amhara don’t need to live in wretched arsi

Second I would relocate all Amhara from welega then arsi then bale then Hararghe into Amhara use all Amhara finances build them towns across Amhara region

This would give incredible power back to Amhara Region as it becomes more united the people will be liberated from Genocidal Galla Beasts

Every small town in Shewa & Beta Amhara Gondar Gojjam should be developing and should have populations exceed 100,000

Then I would build freight trains this would boost trade into and out of the region at great prices and time to the Red Sea

Under my leadership Amhara region population would go up to 45 Million.

After helping Amhara become more sovereign our enemies need to be destroyed

Amhara Liyu Hayl should be given RPGs and drones and fly them into enemy territory this would kill bandits

Shewans should be recruited to Amhara Police College, we would build 5 different training centers in Shewa. Shewan Amharas and Abysinnian Shewa Oromos and friends should be numerous. I suppose recruiting 350,000 Ethiopianist Shewans we would name it Shewa Liyu Hayl. They would join Federal Government Secure Central Ethiopia

Amhara elites should convince Abiy Ahmed to change ethnic ID Cards to be based on Kifle Hager like Shewa ID Jimma ID Gojjam ID Wollo ID Etc this should be ensured so the army carry their identity

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