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We need to form Tigray-Amhara led unitary state as in the days of Abysinia!

Post by EthioRedSea » 07 Apr 2021, 13:10

We need to strengthen the traditional Tigray-Amhara alliance to keep Ethiopia united. We
need to discard Ethnic Federalism and promote unitary democratic state with some federal structures to deliver better services.We should disband ethnic groups as political forces. We need to delimit the boundary with Eritrea n the basis of the Wuchali Treaty.

We need to use more languages to promote unity and not to create a new country or state.
We can use force to keep Ethiopia united.

we need to identify our enemies and take actions against them. Saudi Arabia,UAE Egypt and Sudan need to be defeated politically and militarily. We can occupy Saudi Arabia and colonise it. We need to disarm Egypt in the long term. We need to stop Islam from being used for political aims.

It will be impossible to promote the domination of one Ethnic group. We need to stand as Ethiopians. Tigray and Amhara, who are the founders of Ethiopia, should accept and recognise non-abysinina Ethinic groups as Ethiopia that need to be helped to be active participants. We need to use English as a common language with Amharic and Tigriagna as working languages.

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